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Calculate how long your
money will last in the event
of a disability
Determine whether you are prepared for the future by choosing one of the following assessments
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Securing your family: Disability
Expected investment growth %
Expected inflation increase %
What will your starting amount be of your income protection insurance policy?
if applicable
What is the waiting period in months?
By how much will it increase annually?
Your present age
At what age will it cease?
Property rental/other income
Monthly gross income of your spouse
Expected amount of working years for your spouse
Monthly gross income required by your family
Estimated years that your family will require income
Cash value if your assets are sold for cash (e.g. value of property, vehicles, furniture, etc.)
Value of liabilities that you want to pay off (e.g. value of bond, credit card, etc.)
Estimated vehicle and home modification and other disability appliance costs (e.g. home modification, disability cover, etc.)
Your total disability cover amount
Present value of your total investments
Present value of your total retirement funds (e.g. pension, retirement annuities, etc.)
Total investment fund value of your spouse
Present value of total retirement funding of your spouse (e.g. pension, retirement annuities, etc.)
Income Summary
Monthly income available 
Monthly income required  
Monthly shortfall/excess 
Capital Summary
Initial available cash 
Initial liabilities and expenses 
Initial shortfall/excess 
Funds available will provide an income for 
Additional cover required 
  • Assumption #1 : Your spouse's salary will increase by inflation
  • Assumption #2 : You have estimated your family's income needs fairly accurately
  • Assumption #3 : You have calculated the tax requirement accurately
  • Assumption #4 : You realise that this is an estimation - and does not take children or dependants’ term of requirement into account
  • Assumption #5 : You have taken all your assets, movable and immovable, into consideration
  • Assumption #6 : You have added up every cent that your estate could be liable for
  • Assumption #7 : You are sure that your disability cover is active
  • Assumption #8 : The fund values for your investments are up to date
  • Assumption #9 : Your Income Protector Policies have the correct information assigned to them
Cash Flow